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Sound Rêve Studio - Equipment


Our sound from this studio is so distinctive, owing to a little secret we have discovered. We are specialists in recording any form of African Music because of our african roots.

Audio Equipment:

Studiomaster 16-8-2 Vintage Analogue Mixing Desk
Apple Mac Pro
Motu 2408 mkII w/PCI 324 card
Sony DAT 55ES
Tascam DAT-30mkII
Logic Pro
The Komplete 9 Native Instruments and Effects Collection
Logic Express
Samplecell II plus

Phonic P8A
2 Stereo Headphones K-55
1 Stereo Headphone AKG
Pioneer A-705R
JVC CD System RV-B99

Stereo Ultrafex EX 4000
Composer MDX2100

Kurzweil PC88
Roland U-220
Yamaha TG77
Korg X50R
Yamaha DX7

Audio-technica 30 AT3525
Nady SCM 920

Emagic AMT8
Emagic Unitor mkII

Sony DPS-D7
Sony DPS-R7
Sony DPS-V77
Sony DPS-F7
ZOOM:9030 Instrument Effects Processor
Korg AX1500K ToneWorKs
PODxt - Line6

Sound Rêve Studio - Equipment
Sound Rêve Studio - Equipment
Sound Rêve Studio - Equipment
Sound Rêve Studio - Equipment



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Sound Rêve Studio - Digital Media


CD / DVD Produktion - Vervielfältigung von Ton- und Datenträgen - Artwork & Design - Verpackungen - Support

We are not only a recording studio, but we mix, master, press Cds, CD-Id cards, DVDs, Vinyls7-10-12inch, Blu-ray disc 25GB & 50GB. Graphics, inlay & cover, booklets, layout & design.

Medienproduktion (Pressen oder Kopieren) von CD's, DVD's, Blu-ray oder Vinyl
CD/DVD-Verpackungen: Ausführungen in Karton, Recycling, Plastik oder Spezial-Material.
Wir bieten neben Plastikverpackungen als Jewelbox auch Kartonverpackungen oder alternativ PocketPAC's.
Wir helfen gerne weiter.

Sound Rêve Studio - Equipment

Equipment: Design

Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Extension Manager CS6
Adobe Illustrator CS6
Adobe Bridge CS6
Adobe InDesign CS6
Adobe Media Encoder CS6
Adobe Muse

CD - Burn & DDP Programme:
HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master
HOFA IQ-Analyser V2
HOFA DDP Player Maker

Sound Rêve Studio - Equipment



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Sound Rêve Studio - GEMA / License / EAN - GTIN

We license your music!

We have the possibility for all artists to use our LC code, to register their music, even if the recording was not recorded in our studio.

GEMA formalities

Formalities are tiresome and, above all, they take up valuable time. GEMA (German Performing Rights Society) release for audio content is essential.

Even though it involves only a simple procedure, it may take up a great deal of time and be a real strain. What could be worse than your CDs not being delivered on time? Why not have us deal with your formalities? This ensures that the goods also actually arrive on the required date.

Gema-Online Portal


We license your music!




You want to sell your production online or offline? Then you need an EAN (globally unique article number). We are a member of GS1 Germany and we can do it for you. Our GS1 Ident: GLN 42 6021017 000 9. ...more Info


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